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The Martingale strategy is not only used in casinos worldwide, but has also long since become standard in online casinos .

If you have ever used the Martingale strategy, you will know that doubling your bets will result in a one unit win. For example, if you bet € 10 and win, you get € 20 back, but the profit in this case is € 10, which is exactly one unit. If you lose your bet of € 10 and double to € 20 and win, you will get € 40 back. Again, you win a unit, provided your total bet is € 30. Most roulette players of course keep doubling if you lose.

The Martingale strategy comes into play when the players bet on an event that earns them a 1: 1 payout and has not come for a long time.

Of the three outer 1: 1 options red / black, odd / even, high / low, most players choose the options red or black. The simplicity of the strategy, coupled with the tension it creates, is what makes roulette players so popular in casinos around the world.

The Martingale strategy in action
Roulette players using the Martingale strategy are looking for at least six red or black events in a row. However, there is a tendency that a sense of urgency sets in when a run of ten consecutive color results is observed. Based on the theory of the Martingale strategy, the players then AGAINST this series. The longer the series, the more likely the next result will end the series. So if you lose on the first try, keep doubling until you win or run out of money.

The more you hope that the Martingale strategy will interrupt a series, the more likely you will come across a series that is long enough to destroy your bankroll. If your first bet produces a result that does not end a series, double your bet. If you lose and double up to six times, you will enter the danger zone, which in my view is not worth continuing with the strategy.


Bet 1 unit to win one unit (total bet 1 unit)
Bet 2 units to win one unit (total bet 3 units)
Bet 4 units to win one unit (total bet 7 units)
Bet 8 units to win one unit (total bet 15 units)
Bet 16 units to win one unit (total bet 31 units)
Bet 32 ​​units to win one unit (total bet 63 units)
The problem with most n roulette players, di , is caught in the e Martingale bubble that they do not want to stop. The adrenaline sets in and the dominant question in the minds of the players is: what if the next result is the one that ends the series? They want to win back their stake, although in the end it is only one unit. It’s a mixed feeling of excitement, fear, and the urge to stay in the game and make bets until the end, and it doesn’t matter if everything is lost or little is won. Of course, winning feels good when you consider that the real reward is not the one unit, but the total stake you’ve made so far.
The Martingale strategy is not a surefire way to win at every roulette game, but with a little more understanding of the system, you may be able to increase your chances of winning just a little more. Happy playing!

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